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It is an interesting sidelight that our language - created and codified by men - does not have one unflattering term to describe men who vent their anger at women. even such epithets as ‘bastard’ and ‘son of a bitch’ do not condemn the man but place the blame on a woman - his Mother!

Harriet Lerner (via tobia)

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Stardom just tricks you into thinking you’re getting somewhere. Like when I went to this Versace and Elton John party, you’d think you’re already at some exclusive thing, right? But there was a VIP area and another level after that, and another and another, until finally you find yourself alone in a brightly lit closet watching Simon LeBon eat off a paper plate.

—Jarvis Cocker, from an old issue of Rolling Stone from like 2000.  (via popgoespop)